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I teach woodcarving classes in my studio as well as other venues. The current schedule is listed on our classes page on this web site.
The list is linked here for whereever is convenient or sounds irresistable to you.

Carving in Cortona, Italy This opportunity may be offered again in the future:Toscana Americana

I have joined the carvers represented by , and was filmed for two tutorial videos in April, 2010. They are in the editing process for now, but will be available in a couple of months. One is on carving fairy doors, and the other is carving Celtic knots.

I also teach classes at the Woodcraft store on Holcomb Bridge Road in Roswell in May, 2011. I will be teaching a one day class on a Sunday, on relief carving a bread board. The class listings begin on this link to their web page.

I will be demonstrating chainsaw carving or handcarving, depending on weather conditions that day at Burton Emporium and Gallery near Lake Burton in May, 2011. I think it is on Saturday the 7th.

See my chainsaw carvings on this page.

house dragon
House Dragon
The house dragon is all one piece of basswood, handcarved and painted with gilded composition gold on the frame. The paint is acrylic. The house dragon is to guard your home from evil.
10" X 12"

fertility goddess
The Fertility Goddess
The Fertility Goddess is all one piece of hand carved basswood, with gilded composition gold on the frame. The paint is acrylic. Her meaning is obvious. She is reaching for the sun for the energy needed for warmth. The spirals in her hair are eternity symbols or the cycle of life. The rabbit is another symbol for fertility and the snail is for patience. The swallow in the peaks are symbols for motherhood.
10" X 12"

the white tree
The White Tree
The White Tree is all one piece of hand carved basswood, with gilded composition gold on the frame. The paint is acrylic. The White Tree symbolizes the purity of nature.
8" X 10"

partners in trust
Partners in Trust
Partners in trust is all one piece of hand carved basswood, with gilded composition gold on the frame. The paint is acrylic. I see the partners watching out for one another and keeping each other safe.
10" X 12"

two shelves
pine shelves with carved crowns in basswood...thistle which is on display in Burton Emporium Gallery right now priced at $325.00
and the moon phase theme which is sold.

door crown with Celtic knots and Pictish tree of life
door crown with Celtic knots and Pictish tree of life
basswood 36" X 8

beaver and the tree
beaver and the tree carved in basswood and mounted on cypress
donated to Hemlockfest

necklace hooks
necklace hooks carved in basswood
thistle, sun, and rose sold
sign for demonstrations
11 1/2" X 24" handcarved basswood, and oil glazed sign influenced by Viking weather vanes that were made in bronze
not for sale

Maiden Panel
Maiden panel
basswood 12" X 36"
not for sale. This panel is the first of 3 panels that will be my tale of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Loki carved in a cotton wood log

Thor doing battle with the midgard serpent
Thor doing battle with the midgard serpent carved in a slab of osage orange.
measures 7 feet long, and would great over a door
commissioned sign from Keoma
sign with symbolism carved in basswood and painted

birds for Mia
birds carved in basswood

fairy doors
little fairy doors carved in basswood and pine and painted
these are all sold, but I have more in the gallery.
woodcarving illustrated cover fairy door article
These little fairy doors were featured in a step-by-step article that I wrote for Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine in the spring edition of 2010.

Kristal's turtle
necklace hook carved in basswood and painted

tree carved into window trim
tree carved into window trim
carved in cypress
installed in my house

box bed right side
top and bottom carvings of what has been installed in box beds in my house
carved in white pine and oil stained.
not for sale

Caleb's beetle
carved in basswood and oil stained and sealed
not for sale

tree in cypress
tree in cypress
handcarved in cypress and sealed

Car and camper box
Car and camper box
24" X 16" X 11" handcarved white pine, painted and varnished with original design.

pine carving
Tempatation and Vices
11 1/2" X 16" handcarved, and stained pine wall hanging

greenman shelf
White Pine shelf with Greenman handcarved and painted
21 1/2" wide by 8" deep $95.00

greenman shelf
Another white Pine shelf with Greenman handcarved and painted
21 1/2" wide by 8" deep sold

driftwood spirit
Driftwood spirit
carved found wood, oiled approximately 4 feet tall

Eternal Life
Norse symbol for Eternal Life with Midgar serpent and runes
12" X 14" handcarved on basswood and oil painted

Blue Garden Lady
Blue Garden Lady
about 3 feet high carved from pine
tree of life box
Tree of Life box
15 1/2" X 16" X 11" handcarved white pine, oiled and waxed box with Pictish tree of life design.

necklace hook
oak leaf necklace hanger
10" X 5" handcarved basswood, and oiled

thistle box
basswood box handcarved with thistle
10" X 2 1/2" X 1 1/2"

Vinking ship box
commissioned box with Viking ship and dolphins
white pine 36" wide

box for practice chanter
box to hold a practice chanter
2 1/2" X 20 1/2" X 1 3/4" handcarved basswood
Not for sale

box with Thor's hammer and Odin's ravens
box with Thor's Hammer and Odin's ravens
16" X 16" X 11 1/2" handcarved white pine

Oak tree
Oak tree
5 1/2" X 8" handcarved, and oiled basswood

Celtic knotwork bench
Celtic knotwork bench
11 1/2" X 15" X 36" handcarved, crafted, and painted pine bench

Owl in a poplar log
Owl in a Poplar log

Santa ornaments and tokens
$15.00 each
Standing Santa on top of log, sold
Mountain Hippy on top of log, Sold

Tree of Life
Tree of Life
11 1/2" X 13" handcarved basswood painted with watercolors, gilded and varnished

greenman spoon
Greenman spoon
handcarved basswood Greenman spoon

tree tryptic

tree tryptic

tall tree

tall tree

bear box
bear box

5 1/2" X 5 1/2" handcarved basswood Oak tree symbolizing strength and longevity

shelf with tudor roses
tea towel shelf with 3 tudor roses hand carved in white pine
17 1/2" wide by 8 inches deep SOLD

The following images are examples of carvings that have been sold or traded.

Oak tree box detail of top
Oak Tree Box
16" X 16" X 11 1/2" handcarved white pine with orange shellac finish
gothic box
front of what became a gothic box

small tree

small tree on basswood

oak tree

oak tree on bass wood

walking staffs

walking sticks hand carved

Viking ship box
box carved with a Viking ship on the front with an orange shelac finish
16" wide by 11" deep X 16" tall SOLD

Everything that is pictured after this is sold, traded, given away, or kept for my family, but serves as examples of my work. Commissions are always welcome.

Four pictures of boxes follow that I carved out of basswood. They were commissioned by the Queen of Meridies in the SCA reenactment group. Their purpose is to hold the crowns in transit.

King's box King's box

Commissioned coronet box for King's crown in medieval reenactment for Meridies top and front

Queen's box
Commissioned coronet box for Queen of Meridies.

Prince's box
carved box for Prince's crown

Princess's box
Carved box for Princess's crown

carved box
Carved box for Golden Lily tournament prize 2005

carved chair
Carved chair with horse head and Celtic knotwork

The box style is a simple construction, 9th century, 6-sided box. The front is hand carved and painted or stained. The finish is hand rubbed tung oil and then waxed. They are used in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) re-enactment as event boxes most often. It is a perfect way to hide things like cameras, wallets, and other 21st century items out of site while having a handy stool or table top.

orlando box
Celtic cross and green morphed dog for Duc Orlando
12" X 16"X 16"

Meleri's box
commissioned box for Meleri
12" X 16"X 16"

Jelling beast
Great Beast fashioned after the Jelling Stone carving on box
This picture was taken before it was quite done....but is the only one I have right now.

Nordic Dragon  box
Nordic dragon box
12" X 16"X 16"

Saga box
Saga of Thorkatla box carved on all 4 sides and inside
This one is mine.
36" X 16"X 16"

Golden Lily Tournament prize box
One of the Golden Lily V tournament prizes
12" X 16" X 16"

Celtic box
Swan box painted green with gilded carving

lion box
Lion box
traded for a tablet weaving loom
12" X 16"X 16"

Celtic Epona horse design
Pictish horse design
12" X 30" X 16"

Thistle box
Thistle box
traded for 10 yards of wool
10" X 16" X 16"

Nordic design box
Nordic influenced original design box
12" X 16" X 16"

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