pair in orange Tiffany Ard's art is about birds. Her medium is silk screened acrylic with a space between the silk screened image and the hand painted background. The success is evident in the shadowing effect that gives the picture depth and a sence of reality.

tin collage Rand Carlson paints with tin collage. Granted, it's not a typical medium to call "paint", but it would be where a painting would hang, so I put his work here. The colors, and ideas are unique, and I have never seen anything like them.

chalk pastel Virginia Dauth considers herself an "expressive colorist" exploring the medium of chalk pastels. Her landscapes are detailed vistas with such color that you feel drawn into as if they are an entrance to another world and you can't quite see what is over the next hill, or beyond the trees. She brought new paintings in February 14th, 2002. I'll put new images on her page as soon as I can. Come see them, they are wonderful!

Francesco D’assis Paul Karnowski paints in acrylics on canvas with both subtle and obvious messages delivered in the series we currently have in the gallery. Saints are his subject, in the series of three, and the images portray a very modern outlook on our society and how these saints may be applied. I have included the artist's words about each painting on his page. I hope you enjoy them.

Spotless Reputation Tina Kirk paints in acrylics on textured wood. Her style is somber and gentle, and the ladies who are her subjects work their way into the hearts of collectors instantly.

Sunflowers Ronnie Pettit has joined the Funky Chicken Art Project as an artist in residence in June, 2008. His studio adds the new medium of reverse painting on glass windows to the collection. Watching him work gives a well deserved appreciation of the results he achieves. With a background in art and art education, his work has a playfullness in a graphic style of very likeable themes. His sunflowers are suns in themselves, his fish look moody and mysterious, and his martini glasses attract a very different appreciation.

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